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About NDN Project

The Named Data Networking (NDN) project aims to develop a new Internet architecture that can capitalize
on strengths - and address weaknesses - of the Internet's current host-based, point-to-point communication architecture in
order to naturally accommodate emerging patterns of communication. By naming data instead of their locations, NDN transforms
data into a first-class entity. The current Internet secures the data container. NDN secures the contents, a design choice that
decouples trust in data from trust in hosts, enabling several radically scalable communication mechanisms such as automatic caching
to optimize bandwidth. The project studies the technical challenges that must be addressed to validate NDN as a future Internet architecture:
routing scalability, fast forwarding, trust models, network security, content protection and privacy, and fundamental communication theory.
The project uses end-to-end testbed deployments, simulation, and theoretical analysis to evaluate the proposed architecture, and is developing
specifications and prototype implementations of NDN protocols and applications

Here are NDN FAQ videos

Research questions watch video
NDN vs IP watch video
Research challenges watch video
Routing strategies watch video
Scalability watch video
Security concerns watch video
Why being application driven matters? watch video
How to write NDN applications watch video

Some NDN tech talks

conclusion_lixia_zhang_ndn_tutorial_acm_icn_2018 watch video
data_authentication_in_ndn_trust_schema_ndn_tutorial_acm_icn_2018 watch video
data_confidentiality_and_access_control_zhiyi_zhang_ndn_tutorial_acm_icn_2018 watch video
introduction_and_ndn_overview_lan_wang_ndn_tutorial_acm_icn_2018 watch video
media_over_ndn_peter_gusev_ndn_tutorial_acm_icn_2018 watch video
name_based_access_control_nac_concepts_alex_afanasyev_ndn_tutorial_milcom_2018 watch video
ndn_certificate_management_with_ndncert_zhiyi_ndn_tutorial_acm_icn_2018 watch video
ndn_codebase_and_tools_alex_afanasyev_ndn_tutorial_milcom_2018 watch video
ndn_intro_lixia_zhang_ndn_tutorial_milcom_2018 watch video
ndn_security_concepts_and_tools_introduction_lixia_zhang_ndn_tutorial_acm_icn_2018 watch video
ndn_sync_lan_wang_ndn_tutorial_milcom watch video
ndn_thinking_alex_afanasyev_jeff_burke_ndn_tutorial_acm_icn_2018 watch video
ndn_trust_schema_concepts_alex_afanasyev_ndn_tutorial_milcom_2018 watch video
ndnsec_tools_sanjeev_kaushik_ramani_and_zhiyi_zhang_ndn_tutorial_acm_icn_2018 watch video
new_library_direction_cnl_jeff_thompson_ndn_tutorial_acm_icn_2018 watch video
new_library_directions_security_alex_afanaysev_ndn_tutorial_acm_icn_2018 watch video
publisher_mobility_beichuan_zhang_ndn_tutorial_acm_icn_2018 watch video
real_time_data_retrieval_spyros_mastorakis_ndn_tutorial_acm_icn_2018 watch video

Send me mail at chghasemi@cs.arizona.edu.

This is an experimental version of video streaming over NDN.

This project is based on Shaka Player project.